Baby Almost Dies Two Weeks After Birth Because His Mom Ate Lunch Meats


The woman in this video almost lost her newborn son! During pregnancy, she had become a carrier for Listeria Meningitis, a condition that rarely causes adults harm but can kill a newborn. Doctors believe she may have contracted it by eating deli meats or cheeses that are served cold. When little Ezra began drinking every two hours and running a fever, his parents rushed him to the ER where it was found he had the condition. Thankfully, this little baby is going to survive.

It is important pregnant women are extremely careful about the foods they eat during their pregnancy! Doctors say the parents acted just in time or little Ezra would not have made it. Mom warns other moms to go with their gut feelings and seek medical care if anything does not seem right. This is a video that needs to be watched by all parents. After you watch, Please SHARE on Facebook to warn others.

KETV NewsWatch 7