This Baby and American Bully Puppy are an Inseparable Pair!


Bully puppies have some of the cutest faces you will ever see! This video shows the loving bond that is present between this sweet baby boy and his American Bully Pup. As you watch the two cuddled together in the baby swing, you will not be able to stop smiling. This is literally going to be one of the cutest things you have ever seen. When you watch this video, you will have no problem fully understanding this pup absolutely adores his baby friend!

Some parents would say this is dangerous because the puppy might harm the baby. If you watch the video, you will have no doubt this gentle creature is simply there to get loves from his baby. His little paws are securing the little fella in his swing and likely keeping him cozy and warm. What a beautiful picture of complete trust and peace this presents to the world! After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook with all your friends.

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