Baby Balboa Captures The Hearts Of The World With His Rocky Imitation


The baby in this video is so adorable, you will not be able to keep your eyes off his Rocky Balboa routine. It is clear he has seen Rocky a few hundred times and knows his inspirational workout routine by heart! He knows every single move and it is so enjoyable to watch. You need to sit back and get comfortable watching this one because you are going to smile the entire way through.

This little guy is Rocky in baby form. He knows all the moves to become the greatest boxing champ in the world. While he may not have the full strength he needs, he certainly has the heart and charisma. This baby has captured the heart of the world and he will easily capture yours too. Seeing this video may inspire you to get out and do your own Rocky routine. In the meantime, enjoy this little guy and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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