Baby Blows them all Away!


With the launch of the new MTS 3G plus data network, they have also released this cute – and a bit disturbing – ad to focus on the “net gen.” The video starts with a mom in labor and then takes a definite turn to technology. The dad, the doctor, and mom all expect to take pictures of the new little one – but this is not what happens. Instead, the baby uses the simple network to access the information he needs, post pictures of himself and even live streams what he is doing.

You go baby!

This is an interesting video to say the least and definitely gets the viewer’s attention! MTS released this in hopes to appeal to the next generation of Internet users and after you watch it chances are you will remember the name of this innovative, forward thinking company and what they have to offer. Don’t forget to share this video with all your friends and family on Facebook. Thanks!