Baby Boy Who Was Born Without A Nose Becomes Internet Sensation


This adorable baby boy, Eli Thompson, was the third baby to be born to his parents, and he was unluckily born with complete congenital arhinia, which resulted in him being born without a nose. This is a very rare condition and many are referring to baby Thompson as a “miracle baby,” he has become an internet sensation with many.

Because of his illness, he will have to go through regular check-ups and exams with doctors for at least the next ten years, in order to keep track of his condition and promote well-being. Thousands of people have already liked his story page on Facebook and donated to a GoFundMe account that was set-up to raise funds for his medical expenses and more.

If you would also like to support baby Thompson and share your love for this story, please share in facebook with others so that they can hear about his story as well.

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