A Baby Who Cries Every Single Time Someone Closes a Book


Babies love it when people read them stories, but not all babies love it as much as the baby in this particular video. When his caregiver closes a book after she has finished reading it, he immediately starts crying as if someone pressed a button.

Viewers will see them doing this several times over the course of this very brief video. Each time she closes the book after she finishes reading it, regardless of the time of day, the baby still starts crying very loudly in response to the fact that the book was closed and the story has been finished. He seems to cry very loudly, as if he is genuinely in pain, and he stops the moment she opens the book and continues to read. She seems to be raising a little enthusiastic bookworm who may grow up to be a bestselling novelist. People on Facebook would find this video charming and adorable.


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