A Baby Elephant Who Was Rejected By His Herd Becomes Friends With a Kindly German Shepherd


The baby elephant portrayed in this video experienced an extremely difficult life. He was rejected by his elephant herd, despite numerous attempts to integrate him back into the herd. He also nearly died of a severe infection and managed to survive against all odds. In this video, he is at an area that is normally just for rhinoceroses. The animals care workers in the video describe just how difficult the situation has been for this very young elephant.

After being introduced to an energetic German shepherd, the baby elephant in the video started to turn his life around, and the two of them developed an extremely healing friendship. Friendships between species can happen under very unusual circumstances. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is both adorable and educational to watch, and it manages to make some important points about what rehabilitating large and wild animals involves today.

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