Baby Girl Has The Cutest Reaction After Her Daddy Picks Her Up From Her First Day Of School!


The toddler in this video is having fun on her first day of school. Daddy sneaks in to record her as she is playing in her classroom. When he announces he is there, she has the most adorable reaction and it will make you break out in a big smile. This little one clearly missed her Daddy and is so happy to see him, she can barely contain her excitement!

This little girl is full of cuteness overload and you will want to watch her reaction again and again because it truly is just that cute! She must be a Daddy’s girl to have that kind of reaction at seeing her Daddy. It is clear he is just as happy to be picking her up. You do not want to miss her sweet expression of excitement so watch to the end. Please SHARE on Facebook so others can enjoy the video too.