Baby Goat Goes Hopping!


Pets happen to be one of the greatest joys in a person’s life. With dogs and cats being commonly kept as pets, here is what happened with a cute little goat who sure gave us a big surprise!

So, if you did have a goat as a pet, ever wondered the things that it could do? This video shows us a pet owner who is trying to make his little black baby goat imitate her as she hops from one place to another. The goat at first observes the girl and in the second attempt copies the hopping just as the owner is doing it!

This video shows us that animals are quite intelligent and can easily grasp any kind of action if one is willing to spend some time teaching them. The baby goat hops just as many times the owner does and also almost at the same spot as hers. There is indeed a unique and special bond between humans and animals; we humans just need to explore it!

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