Baby Has The Most Gorgeous Hair In The World And This Video Proves It!

This adorable baby boy has the most luxurious hair you have ever seen for a newborn. When he was born, he had a head full of hair and it has continued to grow. Many are now calling him “Baby Bear” because of his thick head of hair. In this video, his mom is blow drying his hair to show off how thick and beautiful it is. This is one truly gorgeous baby!

Can you imagine how this kid’s hair is going to look as he grows older? Just like Sampson from the Bible, he may become a strong and mighty man! You will love seeing this sweet baby with his envious mane of hair! ‘Baby Bear’ continues to delight the world and we cannot wait to see how his hair looks the longer it grows. Hopefully, his mom will not cut it anytime soon! Watch this adorable baby and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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