Baby Moose Shows Up At Man’s Farm And This Happens!


The baby moose in this video showed up one day on a man’s farm and magic happened! She was so friendly, an instant friendship developed between the two and a year later, is still going strong. You will be amazed when you see these two interacting with one another! This sweet moose loves hanging out at the farm and enjoys a cool dip in the pond. She even lets her human friend splash water on her!

This is such a delightful video to watch and this moose is super cute! You will love seeing how friendly she is. Once the man knew she was tame, he decided to name her Emma. What a sweet name to go with a super adorable moose! This is a video that will instantly warm your heart. Who would have thought moose and man could become such good friends! Watch the video and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.