It’s A Baby Panda Party And You Are Invited!


This video could not be more adorable! As the zoo unveils the twenty-three baby panda bears, all at one time, your heart will absolutely melt. Some are chubby, some are small, but they are all entirely too adorable for words! Seeing these little ones is a joy to behold so make sure you watch the entire video so you can indulge in all the cuteness your heart desires.

With panda bear populations dwindling, breeders are working to increase the healthy births of baby pandas. As you will see in this video, they certainly have their hands full with this big group of babies! This is the kind of video you simply cannot get enough of. One day these bears will be too big to cuddle, but right now they are the perfect teddy bear size! Check out these adorable bundles of joy and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook so your friends can enjoy them.