Baby Stops Breathing In Walmart And Teen Saves Her Life


This video features the harrowing footage from a Walmart video surveillance tape. As you will see in the footage, a mother suddenly realizes her daughter is not breathing and does not have a pulse. Abby Snodgrass just happened to be in the store at the time when she heard the commotion. This seventeen-year-old had just taken a CPR class and rushed over to help. Thankfully, her efforts saved the little girl’s life!

Although the teen was nervous the CPR would not work, she was able to effectively perform the steps and the little girl started breathing again and is now doing fine. What an amazing hero this young girl is and she certainly deserves to be honored. The family says they cannot thank Abby enough! It is important everyone learns this life-saving skill! After you have watched this incredible story, be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone on your friend’s list can watch.