Baby Survives Being Born With A Large Head Opening That Exposed Her Brain


Little Michaela Miller was an absolutely beautiful baby when she was born. When doctors delivered her and began to clean her off, they immediately noticed a shocking discovery. It seems this little one was born with a large opening in her skull that allowed doctors to peer at her brain. Although she has been through a lot, little Michaela is going to be just fine! Watch this amazing video to learn her story!

It is shocking to see this little girl! When she was only a few days old, the baby had to undergo surgery to place a skin graft over her head so her brain would not be exposed. She now has to wait until she is two years old before she will be able to have the surgery that will close her skull. Right now, this little cutie wears a special helmet that protects her brain. Check out this touching video and feel free to Please SHARE on Facebook.