Baby With Down Syndrome Captivates The World And Becomes A Model For OshKosh B’Gosh


The sweet little baby in this video may have Down Syndrome but his parents are making sure his disorder does not hold him back in life! Asher is eighteen months old and loves being in front of the camera. When his mom decided to submit his photo to a talent agency, she was saddened when he never got any calls. Finding out it was because he was a special needs child shocked her and made her raise her voice.

Many people began to gather around in support of Asher and his family. When OshKosh B’Gosh found out about this special little boy, they decided they wanted to feature him in one of their new ads. When you see his gorgeous images and that dazzling smile, you will have no problem realizing why OshKosh B’Gosh scooped him up! Hopefully, this video will raise awareness about special needs kids and make people realize they need to be included too! Watch the video and Please SHARE on Facebook.