Baby Wombat Scratches Her Back In The Most Adorable Way Ever!


Barloo is one of the cutest wombats at the Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary! This little genius realized she could take care of some of her own problems, like scratching her back. When she got an itch in this video, she found a unique way to take care of it and it just happened to look truly adorable! What a little sweetie she is and sure to make you smile!

Barloo is such a cutie and loves the feeling this makeshift scratching post gives her back. You can almost see a look of relief wash over her face as she scratches her back where she just could not reach on her own. This wombat sure is a fun creature to watch in action! As she moves back and forth, she is taking care of an itch with very little effort. If you enjoy watching Barloo, Please SHARE on Facebook so all your friends can see the video.