Baby Yoda has become an internet sensation, and it’s easy to see why. With those big eyes and long pointy ears, he looks incredibly gorgeous. But who would have thought that a puppy could look like Baby Yoda? Take a look at Nikki Carvey’s puppy, Mork!

Nikki is an animal lover and dog rescuer, and after one glance at Mork she knew she had to take him!

The Mork was originally rescued by a group that rescued dogs from slaughter in the Chinese dog meat trade. He had bowel problems at the time, but it was Nikki’s crush. The dog is now gaining weight and is recovering.

Mork has his own Instagram account that people can admire and look like Baby Yoda and adorable! Besides being an internet doppelganger and influencer, Nikki plans to make him a therapy dog one day.

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