Baby’s Reaction to Gangnam Style


Every person has that one song that instantly makes them happy, a song that can brighten even the darkest days. However, little Amaya takes this one step further by remaining peacefully asleep in her car seat until an unlikely song comes on the radio.
Watch the adorable Amaya as she wakes up and starts dancing while her sister contagiously giggles in the seat next to her.

This little girl has some serious moves which she shows off for the camera. Including head bopping, arm flailing, and leg kicking, this little girl can show us all how to have a good time.

A fun family managed to capture the perfect video showing the essence of youth. Featuring the popular song Gangnam Style by Psy, this video serves as a reminder that life is short and sometimes, you need to wake up and just dance. We can all learn from Amaya how important it is to live in the moment.