Babysitting: Dog Acts as a Friend and Taking Good Care of The Baby


A dog is a family member. Dogs and babies keep the home happy. The dog now helps in taking care of the baby when you are out. In this video, the dog takes good care of the baby. It watches and makes the baby drink milk. It covers the baby with a blanket. It swings the baby crib like a human.

The dog shows true love to the baby girl/boy without even training. The dog sits down with the baby alongside and gives a good company. The baby feeds the dog, and both form good partners.

The dog throws balls on the baby and brings toys to the baby for playing. Both of them lie in the sofa set and play with each other. The dog plays the baby piano and throws the ball to the baby. The dog is also a baby and lies on its couch. It brings balloons to the baby.

Both of them fight over the cloth and lie on the bed playing. The baby and the dog complement each other. It is really great and amazing to watch a dog taking good care of a small baby. This personalized video is created by Charlie.