How to Bake a Cake in an Egg


This amazing how-to video shows how one can bake a cake inside of an egg. The first step is to poke a hole in the egg. Following this, the contents of the egg need to be drained.

After draining the yolk, the shell must be washed clean. This is to be done gently without breaking the shell.

Rinse the shell with oil prior to completion of the next step. Once the egg is rinsed in oil, cake batter is inserted through the hole in the top.

This is then placed in the oven for 12-14 minutes. After removal from the oven, cake has risen out from the hole in the top. This is to be trimmed off and discarded.

The egg is then peeled and placed in a holder. The egg shaped cake is now ready to be dressed.

This video shows whipped cream being added to the egg to improve the presentation. Once this is completed, this delightful desert is ready for consumption.