Bald Eagle Gets Stuck in a Tree and Veteran Saves Him With His Rifle


This video is one that will make your heart smile! When an Army veteran saw a bald eagle dangling from a tree high up in the air, he was worried the bird was dead. Thankfully, with binoculars, he was able to see the eagle was very much alive. Unfortunately, the police and other authorities could not help because of the risk for their safety. This is when the veteran stepped in and saved the day with his rifle. When you see the outcome of his shooting skills, you will be amazed!

Although it took about 150 shots, the vet was able to finally shoot down the limb and free the eagle without harming him. Animal rescuers stepped in and immediately took the bird to the raptor center so he could be evaluated and treated. Nicknamed “Freedom”, this bird sure is truly lucky to be alive! Please SHARE on Facebook so this story can travel the globe!