Bathing a Truly Adorable Monkey Who Takes the Experience in Stride


Monkeys have been very popular animals in many different cultures across time. They look humanoid, and yet they are so tiny that they become cute in an offbeat way. Watching animals take a bath is always adorable. They barely seem to know what’s going on, and they tend to either respond to the situation with indifference or with panic.

The monkey in this particular video seems largely indifferent to what is happening to him. He continues to watch the camera the whole time, showing very little awareness for what is going on and not much caring about anything in his surroundings. His nonchalance only makes the video cuter and more entertaining. Some animals put up a fight, while others will simply accept that they’re going to be bathed and that’s that, like this monkey. A lot of people on Facebook would probably love this video, especially given the enduring popularity of monkeys.

Mister Epic