Battling Brain Cancer: We Need Your Help!


Cancer is one excoriating disease that the medical world has still not been able to cure. This is the story of Kyler, a 10 year old child who is suffering from brain cancer.

While most children who suffer from cancer are kept away from knowing the truth about their lethal disease, everyone around Kyler is aware of what condition he is going through. On the contrary to what people might believe about telling children and the whole of his school about his condition, the people around him who know about his disease are actually a great support for him and have been right there with him throughout his journey of battling brain cancer.

His health deteriorates with each passing day. The news channel breaking this story has set up various accounts in order to let the viewers fund the treatment of Kyler who doesn’t have a lot of time left on his hands.

If you know someone like Kyler or would like to help kyler, definitely watch this video and jot down the details.

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Meteorologist John Gumm