This BBQ Dish Will Make Your Mouth Water!


Do you love BBQ? If so, you are going to love this next video. In this clip you will learn how to make bacon and cheese meatloaf roll on the grill! What could be more yummy than that? To get started you are going to need five pounds of ground beef. Second, you are going to need to dice up some fresh onion. You can use one large half or one half depending on your taste. Then cut up one bunch of celery and dice it as well.

The next thing you are going to need is about one pound of bacon that has been already cooked. Once the bacon has been cooked then you are going to need to chop it up as well. After all of the ingredients are ready bring out your ground beef and place it on a large cutting board.

Knead the ground beef like you would dough, flatting it out. Next, spread all of the ingredients out on the meat like a pizza and then roll it up. Place a few pieces of bacon on top and some cheese then place on the grill. Cook until done and then enjoy! Make sure to SHARE this yummy video on Facebook!