A Beached Baby Dolphin is Rescued By a Dog and Human Team


This is a video that demonstrates the relative strengths and weaknesses that dogs and humans can have when it comes to performing rescues. A good portion of this video demonstrates a person trying to get a beached baby dolphin back into the ocean safely. The person in question manages to use his hands a lot for this purpose, while trying to provide the dolphin with reassurance. The video has a somewhat chaotic nature, thus illustrating the difficulty of this task. The rescue attempt is ultimately successful nonetheless.

However, the rescue attempt would never have occurred in the first place if the person’s dog hadn’t been there to alert her owner to the presence of the baby dolphin by barking. She noticed the dolphin when a human might not, given her keen canine senses. This is a video that demonstrates different facets of the animal kingdom working together, which is always positive. The popularity of dolphins and the heroic narrative will make this video a big hit on Facebook.

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