These Beautiful Chimps Were Left to Die After They Had Given Their Whole Lives to Research


This heart-breaking video tells the story of 63 chimps who were left alone on a deserted island to die. Had the Humane Society of the United States not stepped in, these beautiful creatures would have wasted away. This video seeks to shed light on The New York Blood Center who callously discarded these chimps and thought they had washed their hands of the matter. It is hoped this video will send a message to them and show them what their actions have caused in the lives of these precious creatures who never asked for any of it!

As you watch this video, may it open your eyes to the plight of animals all over the world. Hopefully, The New York Blood Center will do the right thing and at least help provide food for these chimps so they can live the rest of their days in freedom and happiness. Please SHARE on Facebook so the world can know about this atrocity and how they can help!