A Beautiful Dog is Found while Searching for Bricks


A young lady in Detroit is searching through rubble in this video, looking for good bricks that she can then use to recycle into something new. While she happens to be out with her tools and a friend she encounters this beautiful boxer that appears to have no home. Whether she is missing or not, or happens to be a stray dog is unsure but there is a little link in the corner of the video that follows the dog later.

The women can be heard in the video telling how beautiful the dog is but that she doesn’t need a dog herself. She does however give the dog food and water, and the poor thing has no collar so they are not sure if there is an owner or not. It’s dogs like this that run around in cities all over the country and they need a good home that is loving and caring for them to call a home of their own. If not they end up in shelters or worse. Click the link in the video and see what happens to this beautiful looking dog. Also please SHARE on Facebook so your friends and family can see how much you care for the animals as well.

World Animal Awareness Society