Beautiful Male Birds Perform Before Female So She Will Choose Her Mate


The animal kingdom is much like humans when it comes to choosing a mate. Here, you will see a female bird waiting patiently as a group of brightly-colored males performs a ritualistic dance before her. She watches intently for each one so she can make a decision on which one will be her mate. This video is quite fascinating to watch and for some reason, you will find it difficult to look away!

There is something very calming about this little scene. Don’t you wonder how she goes about choosing which one will be the best? By the end of the video, it is clear to see the losers have realized they lost and fly away, leaving one sole male to be with his new lady. What a sweet moment to witness in nature! These male birds are truly beautiful to behold. If you enjoy watching their performance, don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook!

Roberto Tonon