Beautiful Pit Bull And Her Babies Are Rescued Just In Time!


The mamma Pit Bull in this video is so lucky to be alive! Rescuers found her living in an abandoned lot and she was not doing well. She had recently had a litter of five pups, but sadly, one did not make it. When they rescued them all and got them to the vet, they found a big surprise in the mamma Pit Bull’s belly. The poor thing had swallowed a bottle cork and it had the potential to cause a blockage.

Thankfully, they were able to give her a medication that induced vomiting and she vomited the cork out so she did not have to go through surgery. She and her little ones are now doing great! This sweet family could have all died had rescuers not stepped in and helped. You will be amazed to see them all getting bigger and looking so healthy! See this touching video and Please SHARE on Facebook.