The Best Cola and Ribs Recipe – Easy and Great Every Time


Much like duck and maple syrup, sometimes two opposite pallets go together with a synergy you couldn’t imagine; this is one of those times. With a (somewhat) similar flavor profile to Memphis Dust when applied to your meat of choice, a woman shows us a recipe involving meat (ribs, in this case) and cola as the two main ingredients. It yields a sweet, meaty profile sure to make mouth water at the smell alone.

The ingredients needed are typically found in your average kitchen, though can be had at a modest price otherwise. To successfully whip up this recipe at home, all you’ll need is cola, ribs, mustard powder, pickling spice, salt, brown sugar and ketchup.

Rounding up the ingredients isn’t the only easy part about following this recipe. While you’ll need to start preparing a day before you plan on serving them, the actual amount of time you’ll spend working on them in the kitchen is minimal, yet will yield great results every time. If you’re a passionate cook or know others of the same variety, give everyone’s taste buds a treat by sharing this video of Facebook.

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