Best Dog Videos of Dalmatian Smiling – Where’s That Pretty Smile


Please share this funny dog video in Facebook. Dalmatian ‘Gabby’ is lounging around at home when the owner so lovingly asks her for a smile. ‘Gabby, Gabby, Hi! Where is that smile. Where’s that pretty smile’. Gabby begins to nod her head as if she is letting him know that she is acknowledging his request.

The owner begins to clap as he continues to ask Gabby for a smile. Finally, you can see how Gabby so modestly and timidly shows off her teeth to ultimately retire a big beautiful Dalmatian smile.

Watching the video you cannot help but smile yourself as she continues to respond to him showing off her big grin. As her owner slowly attempts to get closer and closer to her Gabby moves towards him as well. It appears as if she exhibits the same love and affection towards him, as he does towards her.

A pet owner plays a major role in a dog’s life. It takes commitment, dedication and time to bring out a pet’s individuality and personality. A healthy and active dog is a happy dog.

It is remarkable how a 37 second video can express so much. Make sure you check back with us to view other funny videos.

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