The Best Fear Of Heights Display Ever!


At least anyone who is alive is afraid of something on this earth. But there are those who are extremely scared and the way they show it is somewhat hilarious. This video is about a man who is afraid of heights and the way he shows his fear will crack your ribs.

This video shows a man, afraid of heights, crawling along a glass walkway 4,700ft up cliff. He is so scared he can’t even open his eyes. He is seen crawling from the start of the walkway and yelling at anyone who comes in his way. He takes more than 2 minutes to crawl across the glass walkaway.

This is an act that will obviously attract attention in any setting. This is why there are people around him taking videos and photos of the whole scene. Truly fear can make you scream like a baby. Watch this video and SHARE the fun on Facebook so that your friends can have something to crack about.