Bet You Never Knew Steve Harvey Had a Twin Brother!


No, the man in this video is not really his twin brother but when you see him, you will definitely do a double take! This poor man gets approached by people all the time, thinking he is Steve Harvey. He even went on a cruise with his wife and the DJ announced there was a celebrity in the room! They say everyone has a twin somewhere and when you see these two side-by-side, you will have no doubt Steve has found his.

This video offers a segment of one of the Steve Harvey shows. As always, Steve is genuinely thrilled to meet the man who people say looks so much like him. When he came out and saw the man, he immediately knew he was there to show Steve he was his brother from another mother. Imagine the fun this man could have if he didn’t correct people’s assumptions! If you believe this man truly does look like Steve, Please SHARE on Facebook!

Steve Harvey