Bet You Have Never Seen a Bird That Looks As Weird As This One!


They say birds are some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet! This video shows one of the strangest-looking birds you have ever seen! He is so strange, he is mesmerizing! It is amazing to see this beautiful creature in all his glory and with all his feathers, that almost resemble hair. This sweet bird was abandoned at birth because of his strange appearance. Just because he does not look like other birds, does not make him ugly!

Whipper is his name and he is a little sweetheart. When you see this little bird and all his long, curly feathers, you will not be able to stand how cute he is. The main question you will have is how does he see with all the feathers in his eyes! His beautiful green and yellow tones give him an illustrious air of dignity. After you have watched this awesome video, Please SHARE on Facebook so all can see how adorable this “weird” bird is.

michael warburton