What Better Way to Honor Fallen Officers Than to Give Their Namesake to These Adorable Puppies


There is nothing more adorable than a cuddly puppy! As this video showcases, puppies just seem to have a magical ability to make you smile, no matter the circumstances. Tracey McMenamy has found comfort in taking care of dogs who have been abandoned in shelters. The wife of a police officer, she often feels stressed over the fear of losing her husband in duty.

The reality is, 16 police officers have been killed while in the line of duty this year alone. When a rescue dog gave birth to a big litter of cute puppies, Tracey knew just what she had to do to honor them. Naming the pups after the fallen officers gave her closure over their deaths and allowed her to honor them in her own way.

One of the pups is named “Leotta” after fallen police officer, Noah Leotta. When the family of Noah learned he was being honored in such a way, they decided they just had to adopt the little cutie. Tracey hopes to continue her work but is sad that so many officers have been killed this year that she does not have enough puppies to honor them all! Please SHARE on Facebook and let the world know!

ABC News