A Big Kid With A Real Working Little Tyke’s Car!


Every little kid gets a Little Tyke’s car as a little kid. However, not every grown man does get, a Little Big Tyke’s car that does actually work and is road worthy. Who is the Big Kid with the real working Little Tyke’s car? John Bitney is the man who has created the one and only unique Little Tyke’s Big Car for adults. This Little Tyke Big Car is designed with only adults in mind. It actually does take to the road and can give one a speedy ride of up to 110 MPH. It also takes petrol as fuel, has a text disk, and can race up to 70 MPH.

Why in heaven’s name would a full grown man want to design and create an adult version of a kid’s toy transportation car? The answer is simple and very clear. John Bitney said to himself why? Why shouldn’t he create it. It would be fun to make something that no one else has ever made before. The Little Tyke for Big Grownups. It took John Bitney more than a thousand hours and four thousand pounds to finally get the Little Tyke for big adults finally finished and completed. The only downside that this Little Tyke car for big adults is missing and lacking is windows. Since Bitney wanted to retain the originality of the Little Tyke in essence. He couldn’t put any windows on to this big version of the Little Tyke. The Little Tyke for adults does have an airbag in it. It also has back-end mirrors too.

What is great about this little video is its big impact. It is the very kind of video that many will love to watch and appreciate simply because it is new and different. The very same can be said about the Little Tyke for big adults car invention in general. If you would like to pass this video along, please feel free to do so, and post it at Facebook or anywhere else you like.

BBC News