A big surprise for an unsuspecting mother


When you have children you constantly worry that they are going to make the right decisions. As they grow up and move out you still worry about them, especially when they happen to be in the military. Always will you be wondering when you will get to see them again, and whether or not they happen to be safe. This older couple is no different than any other that has children in the military, except that their son has a little surprise for them.

He has come home early and brought his wife and newborn for a visit. But he doesn’t let his parents know that he is coming, he just shows up and walks into the house. Then he rings the doorbell to get their attention and as the mother walks around the corner to the door she certainly shows how shocked she is. Not only is she proud, surprised and happy but she can’t seem to figure out her emotions, but wants desperately to hold the baby.

This was a great surprise that definitely go their attention and will always be something for them to remember. You can hear the son talking to them at the end of the video right before it cuts off.