Billy Gilman Proves He Still Has What It Takes With This Performance Of “Fight Song”


Billy Gilman rose to stardom at the tender age of only 11. He thrilled audiences with his angelic voice and boyish charm but soon faded out of the spotlight, keeping to himself for many years. In this video, you will see him performing on The Voice 2016. He wants another chance at his musical career and now he is all grown up and ready to prove to the world he is truly a star.

Although he did not win it all, he is still a shining star in the eyes of his fans and they hope he will soon cut an album. Although his voice has changed somewhat over the years, he still has the falsetto he was known for so many years ago. This performance of “Fight Song” is his battle cry and he is taking his life back! After you have enjoyed the video, be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.
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