A Blind Cat That Finally Smiled


A cat is a very important pet. Not only does it help to kill rats but also gives us company. Just like human beings, cats go through some challenges that need our help. The following is a touching and spellbinding story of a blind cat whose life was difficult at the beginning. Later on, he found love, hope and happiness. This is a must read if you love pets.

In 2012, Pinocchio was found at the airport. His eyes were infected and therefore had to be removed. He found love and healing from a foster home.
While at the foster home, he found Jiminy Cricket and the two became best friends. Pinocchio now had a seeing -eye brother.
Later, they were all adopted. They began to play together, hiding inside the carton. They would play until they got exhausted and even begin to sleep. Then they would relax comfortably at any place in the big house.

Playing would resume as the three friends would continue to jump up and down in the entire house. They even began to hunt together.
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