Blind Woman Sees Her Son for the First Time


Technology has produced some remarkable breakthroughs in recent history; however, very few of these breakthroughs have the capacity to measure up to the experience that was created for Kathy Beitz by eSight glasses. Kathy Beitzhas been legally blind since she was a young child, and her blindness robbed her of visually experiencing every aspect of her life; however, with the technology of eSight glasses, Kathy was able to experience the birth of her new son from a visual perspective.

What makes this experience so sweet for Kathy is that the first time she actually gets to see a baby, it is her own. She also finds an exceptional level of pleasure in having the ability to observe of Husband look at her son.
As she examines the most intimate details of her son’s anatomy, she is able to see that her son has her lips, but he has his father’s toes. The entire experience was somewhat overwhelming for her. She was allowed to fall in love with her son in a way that she has never experienced before.

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