Bold Thief Caught on Camera Stealing a £5,000 Diamond Ring


This thief thought he was going to get away with his brazen attempt to steal a £5,000 watch, but the CCTV camera didn’t just ensure he was caught, but it made him go viral too.

The thief was seen trying on the ring that was being showed to him by the shop assistant. However, immediately after she turned her vision away, the thief stormed out of the store with the ring in hand, to the shock of everybody in the tour. The assistant raced out of the store to try and catch him, but he had already escaped with the valuable ring.

In future, the shop will no doubt reassess their policy of allowing customers to try on their products, since this showed they are vulnerable to attack.

The incident took place in Dorset, a rural county in the south of the United Kingdom. Please SHARE this video on Facebook.