Bonding With a Crocodile and Swimming With a Crocodile


Crocodiles are very dangerous predators, and yet all animals are potentially capable of forming something resembling a bond with humans. The man portrayed in this video has managed to more or less establish something of a bond with a crocodile. They met when the crocodile was ailing, and he managed to nurse him back to health gradually enough. They managed to exchange something resembling affection in addition to everything else that they shared.

Today, the man still has an established bond with the crocodile, and he continues to swim with him. The animal seems to be relatively docile around him, although the man has some stories about the moods that the crocodile experiences. The video is largely a matter of the man telling their story, but the footage is of him and the crocodile interacting. Many people on Facebook would find this video both fascinating and dramatic, and they will have their own personal opinions about the risk the man is running.