This Boy Was Bullied for His Talent in Ballet But He Proved Them All Wrong


Jack Higgens is a boy whom many have teased and bullied over the years. Since the age of five, he has been dreaming of becoming a dancer. Even though he was mercilessly teased for his obsession with dance, he kept persevering and refused to give up on his dreams. This video shows his audition in week two of Britain’s Got Talent. As this fourteen-year-old boy stands before the audience and judges, he is emotional from the very beginning and simply wants to do his very best.

As Jack begins performing, the audience is absolutely blown away with his movements. Every single movement he makes exudes emotion. Even the judges cannot hold back their admiration. As you watch this video performance, keep in mind this is but a boy. It is hard to retain that he is not well beyond his present age. After you have enjoyed the video, Please SHARE on Facebook.