A Boy and His Friend the Chicken


This video features a boy and a bunch of chickens. Most of the chickens are tall, proud roosters, but there’s a white hen in the midst as well. The boy starts off the video with his arms open, ready to embrace the hen. She sees him and she comes rushing over to him. They interact briefly before he hugs her. The person off-camera reacts to the scene in the same way that the viewers probably will: she find it absolutely adorable.

Indeed, this is a very brief video at just over thirty seconds, but it manages to create quite the emotional impact very quickly. Chickens aren’t as photogenic as cats or dogs, but there’s something amusing and appealing about them anyway. They’ve been some of the most popular domesticated animals for a while. More and more people are owning them as pets, too, making the affection displayed in this video normal. Many people on Facebook will appreciate a touching animal video like this.