Boy Gets Called A Girl But They Don’t Know He’s Growing His Hair For This Reason – Tissues Please!


Tyler Boone and Gabby Ruiz met at a fun event for families. When Tyler noticed Gabby did not have hair and seemed sad, he wanted to get to know her and make her smile. It turns out Gabby has a condition called Alopecia which makes her hair fall out. She was so embarrassed about being bald, it made her feel uncomfortable. When Tyler became her friend, he decided he was going to do something to help Gabby so he began to grow his hair.

Although he got teased mercilessly for two years and even called a girl, he did not care! He wanted to grow his hair so it could be made into a wig for his friend, Gabby. Gabby made the first cut when he got his hair cut and she is excitedly waiting for her wig to be made. Each time she looks in the mirror, she will think of her friend’s selfless act! Enjoy the video and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.