Her Boyfriend Started Beating Her, But Watch What Her Pit Bull Did Next


Back in March, a Hazel Park, MI resident was brutally attacked by her now ex-boyfriend. As he slammed her against a wall, Jamie’s two-year-old Pit Bull, Ice, came to her rescue. Ice attacked her boyfriend and grabbed on to the bottom of his pants refusing to let go, causing the attacker to flee the scene.

But instead of getting the justice she deserved, things backfired on Jamie. Though he plead guilty to domestic abuse, her boyfriend told authorities that Ice attacked him. Hazel Park, at the time, had a ban on pit bulls in the town, and found out about Ice. Jamie was forced to either find Ice a new home, or relocate completely, though she had nowhere to go.

Bruised, battered, and traumatized, Jamie now had to consider losing the dog who just saved her life. She began going public with the unfair decision she had to make, and that’s when her community came together to demand a change. They wanted the pit bull ban lifted, and they weren’t going to stop protesting until it happened.

This past week, Jamie and Ice made news again. Something finally did change in the town of Hazel Park — and while it may seem insignificant to some, Jamie and Ice are helping to reduce the stigma attached to pit bulls nationwide. The ban against pit bulls was lifted, and now Jamie and Ice can stay together in their home.

One of the residents who came to Ice’s defense said, “Pit bills aren’t the problem. The people that own them and raise them are the problem. They’re the ones who need to be put to sleep.” Do you agree?

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