Bra Will Give These Battered Women Back Their Dignity


Many women do not care for their bras. That is what makes this bra story even more interesting. These donated bras to help those that are victims of domestic violence. The bras will show that people support them. The organization is looking to reach the OneMillionBra challenge and raise awareness for local domestic violence shelters.

According to statistics one in four women will be victims of domestic violence at one time. Bras are some of the items that are needed the most by women in shelters but they are not often donated. The bras are is donated to these survivors to allow them to have some dignity.

Companies such as Soma are supporting these women. A woman can bring their bra to the store and they will make sure that they go to shelters and woman that are in need. Giving a bra will help these woman get their dignity back. Please SHARE in Facebook.

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