This Brave Man Saved A Girl Despite The Fact That He Was Going To Be Badly Injured


A very brave man who is 90 years old did something very heroic. During a horse race, the man was standing around watching the race when he noticed that a runaway horse was headed in his direction. But the horse was not coming for the man but instead a little girl who was standing in the way. The man who was quick thinking threw his body on the little girl.

The man took the full impact of the runaway horse and the little girl was spared. He was critically injured and had to spend the next 7 months in the hospital. Two years has passed, the man is now 92 and in good health. As you will see, he is about to reunite with the little girl that he saved two years prior. Please SHARE¬†this brave man’s story with friends and family members on Facebook. Surely, they will find this brave man just as heroic as you did.

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