Despite the fact that this video isn’t real, there is a soldier out there, who was watching and thought it was real. He thought he was actually saving the girl from the gunman. However, this hostage thing, wasn’t in actual. It was just something being filmed. Nonetheless, the soldier wasn’t aware of this fact, and he jumped into action right away. This jumping into action right away shows off just how courageous he truly was in essence. We call can be just as courageous, as he is, whenever we do need to be and the moment calls for us to be. He was perfect in his dash forward to get the gun away from the perpetrator to save the life of the young woman. He didn’t let the fact that he could put himself in harm’s way stop him. This is what does indeed define what being courageous is all about from A to Z. It’s about thinking of someone else instead of your own destiny.

Bravery does indeed rise up in us when we least expect it. Because sometimes we never know what will happen to us, those we love, or to those who are simple strangers and need our personal intervention the most.

clearly defines this without having to say a whole lot. Bravery can take on many forms and shapes. It is something that protects us, makes us human, and the same time can turn the tide from being positive to be negative. This video shows just what the sound of human bravery is all about and that is a loud roar just like a lion. This soldier’s bravery just burst forth in a stream of quick energy and it was without thinking or regard for himself. He did what he had to do and did it. Simple as that! Please do make sure to SHARE this video link in Facebook with all those you know and don’t know, please, and thanks.

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