Breastfeeding Mom Is Proud To Feed Her Baby While Taking Picture With Disney Princess


The mom in this video just had a two-month-old daughter and wanted to celebrate the birth of her special bundle of joy by going to Disneyland. When Belle, one of the Disney Princesses, came up to meet the new mother and take a photo with her, the baby started getting fussy and this mom wasted no time in making sure her baby was fed.

This mom did not want to miss out on a photo opportunity so she took the picture while breastfeeding her baby. People all over the Internet have an opinion about this video so what do you think? Do you think she was justified in feeding her baby in public or do you think she should have been covered? No matter your opinion, it is clear this woman loves her daughter and she comes first in her life! After you have enjoyed this special video, Please SHARE on Facebook to show your support for breastfeeding moms everywhere.